It’s All about Shopify POS

What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is associate degree iPad and iPhone-based purpose of sale service from Shopify. The application permits you to manage your entire on-line and physical store business employing a unified platform. Shopify POS is a component of the Shopify ecommerce suite, allow you to require your business and manage it from all over.

Merchants who subscribe Shopify POS can receive a full POS system that consists of a Star Micronics receipt printer, APG money drawers, a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, and Shopify’s proprietary card reader. Whereas Shopify POS needs users to accumulate a more recent iPad version, the system doesn’t create use of the camera and barcode scanner. Shopify will supply all hardware via their web site, however as long as house owners acquire and use compatible hardware everything ought to integrate swimmingly. You’ll conjointly scan our Shopify POS review wherever we have a tendency to discuss the small print of the premium version of this service.

Overview of Shopify POS Benefits

Shopify POS comes with all the advantages of the Shopify eCommerce platforms. Meaning you’ll be able to instantly settle for payments from multiple channels (credit cards, on-line payments, etc.) without fear regarding third-party fees and restrictions. As you’re managing your retail business employing a unified interface, you’re essentially saving yourself loads of your time.

Offered at an affordable value, Shopify POS comes with Associate in Nursing intuitive style and an intensive client web. It’s a perfect system for little businesses, speech act an easy app that doesn’t need skilled experience to line up and use. That said, the system is developed and meant specifically for retail and doesn’t supply the practicality you’d expect from an additional premium Shopify POS system.

Overview of Shopify POS Features

  • Gift Cards
  • Refunds and Store Credit
  • Accept Two or More Payment Options
  • Multiple Sales Channels
  • Portable Registers
  • Custom Receipts
  • Store Management
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Sales
  • Discounts
  • Automatic Tax Calculations
  • Custom Payment Options

How Much Does Shopify POS Cost?

SHOPIFY $79/mo

User Satisfaction

We notice that once you make a decision to shop for POS software package it’s vital not solely to check however specialists evaluate it in their reviews, however it is necessary to find if the real individuals and corporations that go are literally happy with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based client Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers client reviews, comments and Shopify POS reviews across a good vary of social media sites. The data is then conferred in a simple to digest kind showing what percentage individuals had positive and negative reviews with Shopify POS Kit. With that data at hand you ought to be equipped to form Associate in Nursing abreast of shopping for call that you just won’t regret.

Questions and Answers about Shopify POS System

Q: Do I have to sell the same products in my online store as I do in my offline store?

A: No – you can choose what products you want to be available for your online store, and these can be different from your offline store.

Q: As I already have a Shopify online store, do I have to re-add my products to use the POS system?

A: No – in this case all your online store products will be automatically loaded in the Shopify POS if you log into the POS app on your iPad.